• Dizital Campus

    We enable institutes to take their education online

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  • What we do ?

    We enable schools and universities to take their education online

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  • Who we are ?

    We enable schools and universities to take their education online

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  • Why Dizital Campus ?

    We enable schools and universities to take their education online

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What is Dizital campus ?

Dizital Campus is a unique educational platform used by institutions across the globe to digitize academic and value added courses and provide online education to students. With Dizital Campus, modernize education by taking it online and allow students to access e-course contents, lectures videos and other e-contents on any digital device such as desktop, laptop, tablets and smart mobile. In this digital era, whether it's small school in the sub-urb or an international university in a metropolitan, digitizing education is becoming a bare essential. Education has been redefined as it's available anywhere and anytime on Dizital Campus.

How to digitalise your education with DC ?

Dizital Campus is a concept business where success is certain for franchisee without risk and a big value addition for the existing business. Here are some of the important features of Dizital Campus:


Dizital Campus provides softcopy of the important notes into flip book format.


Dizital Campus provides online lectures of faculties which comes with download option.

Assignment & Project Support

Dizital Campus provide and evaluate assignments and projects online.

FAQ & Mock Test

Dizital Campus provides FAQ so students can understand new perspectives by referring FAQ

Discussion Forums

With DC's online discussion forum, students can discuss with fellow students online.

Feedback & Appraisals

With DC, students can share their assignment completions,appraisal stars on Social media

Why Dizital Campus ?

Just team with Dizital Campus and give most effective value addition to your business.


    Dizital campus will be your greatest value addition

    Digital Campus Franchise Category :

    • Authorized Centers: Be ahead of competitors by adding extra wing in your business. No investment and no royalty
    • Individual Centers: Startup a DC center and get sure sort success.
    • Partner Centers: Become a partner to built a successful chain of DC Centers globally.

    You will invest 'zero' rupees to get DC

    Access of more than 100 Value added courses to take admission

    • No Capital Investment Required
    • No Big Infrastructure Required
    • No Extra Overheads but extra income for sure
    • No Royalty
    • Potential Leads for Business

    Making digitalization possible for any of the institution most effectively

    Benefits with Dizital Campus:

    • Improve teaching process, quality and consistency
    • Integrate contents with digital systems and create digital library
    • Improve accessibility and facilitate better knowledge sharing
    • Improve support & Reduce cost
    • Promote greater faculty flexibility

    With Dizital Campus - Administration Control Desk

    Administration Access in Dizital Campus ERP:

    • Enquiry Module: To track genuine enquiries and convert it into admissions
    • Admission Module: Access for more than 100 value added courses to take admission
    • Fees Module: Predefined fees structure for each individual franchisee
    • Online Exam Module: To generate hall ticket and track online exam result
    • Reports: To analyze Business growth and keep on track

    With Dizital Campus - Faculty Support Desk

    Faculty Access in Dizital Campus ERP:

    • E-Notes: Important notes to brush up the subject
    • E-Class support: Access to Master faculty’s lectures
    • PPT support: PPTs created by Master Faculties for reference
    • Discussion Forum: To interact with your own students and clear their doubts



    The true achievement of any institution is, its successful students

    With Digital Campus: Learning Redefined, Anywhere & Anytime

    • Student Desk with E-Notes, E- lectures, Assignments & Projects, FAQ
    • Contents download option in any digital device
    • Discussion Forum to discuss with fellow students on various topics
    • Online exam for all courses and get instant result
    • Certificate awarded by Capital Group of Institutions (Bangalore) and 100% free placement assistance throughout career

Who are we ?


" Established in 1998, CCI has become the face of modern educational reform. DC is one of the innovative venture of CCI led under the leadership of Mr.Rahul Kaushik (Managing Director of CCI)"

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    Institutes Digitalised.
  • 125205
    Students Trained & Certified.
  • 41520
    Students Placed.
  • 924
    Companies trust & Hire from CCI.
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Dizital Campus

Assists schools and universities to take their education online

Education On Cloud

An innovative online education portal, providing distance learning and certification to students worldwide

Capital Group of Institutions

With 18 institutes worldwide, CGI is training students and professions on various programming and other computer certification skills


A closed job platform to students of DC, where they can find deserving careers. "This is the first ever job portal in the world that is free for recruiters and students."

Our Vision

Mr. Rahul Kaushik K

Managing Director of Dizital Campus

Technology has always been at the forefront of human education. From the days of carving figures on rock walls to today, when most students are equipped with several portable technological devices at any given time, technology continues to push educational capabilities to new levels. In looking at where educational methods and tools have come from to where they are going in the future, technology’s importance in the education sector is evident now more than ever.

The purpose of developing Dizital Campus application is to enhance the method of teaching with the support of technology and modernize the teaching method that can be attempted in imparting knowledge to the students. In the traditional teaching pattern, the educator delivers the message via the “chalk-and- talk” method. It is a popular technique but it has been found in most of the cases by many teachers and students that the conventional lecture approach in classroom is of limited effectiveness in both teaching and learning. In such a case, students assume a purely passive role and their concentration fades off after 15-20 minutes.

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I see again and I understand.

Visual memories are the strongest and dominant of all the other types of memories so the purpose of all these sayings are, we should focus on using modern technology to adopt innovative teaching and learning strategy and create an environment for the students to not only remember but to understand their subjects. We can achieve this goal by digitizing the lectures, converting hard copy of text books or important notes to digital format and provide access to relevant students anywhere and anytime. Redefine the teaching & learning process, Dizital Campus application is all about it.


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